Crispy egg roll (4)            $ 6

Mix vegetable served with sweet & sour sauce  🍀

vegetable Gyoza  (6)        $ 7.50

Mix vegetable Gyoza Fried served with soy sauce  🍀

Steamed  Vegetable   Dumplings(6)     $ 7

Steamed Dumplings  served with special spicy  sauce 🍀

 Tofu Satay (4)           $ 7

Grilled  Skewers  Tofu served with peanut sauce and cucumber sweet & sour sauce 🍀 GF

 Crispy  Tofu        $ 7

 Crispy Fried Tofu served with peanut sauce and house sweet & sour sauce 🍀 GF

Fresh Spring Roll  (2)              $ 7

Fresh Spring Veggie rolls  with rice noodle ,tofu,carrot ,cucumber ,and lettuce  wrapped  in rice paper. Served with  peanut sauce 🍀GF

Edamame     $ 4

Steamed  Soy Beans. 🍀 GF

Spicy  Garlic Edamame       $ 5

Steamed Soy Beans with Spicy and Garlic Sauce 🍀GF

 Zucchini   Tempura            $ 7

Deep Fried Zucchini Served with house sauce 🍀

Vegetable  Tempura           $ 7

 Deep Fried  Mix  Vegetable  Served with  house sauce🍀

Stuffed Mushroom             $ 10

Grill stuffed Portobello mushroom with Mix vegetables, spinach top with bread crumbs 

Tofu Tempura                                           $ 7

Deep fried tofu served with teriyaki sauce on the top

Sausage Wontons (5)                       $ 7

Sausage wrapped with wonton  served with sauce

Soy Chicken Nuggets (6)                  $ 7

Deep Fried  Soy Chicken Served With Ketchup Sauce🍀

Firecracker Soy Shrimp                   $ 7

Vegan Wonton Wrapped Soy Shrimp Served with sweet chili  Sauce🍀

Crispy Enoki                                            $ 7

Deep fried Enoki mushroom🍀

French Fries Tofu                                    $ 7

Deep fried Tofu served with Sauce

Fried Wonton (6)                                    $ 7.50

Crispy wonton with vegan cream cheese 

French  Fried                                           $ 6

Deep fried potato served with sauce  


Papaya Salad                $ 10  🌶

Fresh Green  Papaya  Salad Prepared in a Mixture of lime juice ,fresh Thai chili ,plum sugar and  crushed peanuts

Tofu Salad                        $ 9

Fresh Salad lettuce ,tomato, carrot with Thai style peanut dressing served with crispy Tofu

Seaweed Salad               $ 6              

Japanese style mixed seaweed salad

 Asian Vegan  Salad       $ 9.50

Fresh salad lettuce ,carrot ,avocado,cucumber,corn with beetroot Dressing

Larb Tofu                                           $ 10🌶                                 

Tofu ,onion,cilantro,and spicy lime dressing ,served with green salad

Mushroom  Salad                          $10          🌶                                  

Mix mushroom ,onion, cilantro ,and spicy lime dressing ,served with green salad

🌶  Spicy...All dishes are prepared with spice. (Level of 1-10)